Custom Computerized Embroidery for every Event, Promotion or Occasion

What is computerized embroidery?

Specialized embroidery machines have been designed to work with data from a computer. This data instructs the machine to stitch a particular design, determines the correct stitching order, indicates when to trim thread, and many other functions.

We use Barudan machines that are the best on the market. They allow us to embroider in very fine details.

We can bring your project to life, from vision to reality

Embroidery Fonts
Crest & Name Bars
Heat Transfers
Pantone Colors
  • Free, no-obligation quotes for everything we do
  • Easy online quotes for your convenience
  • All embroidery is done on-site. We take pride in the work we do, from taking your logo from vision to reality
  • We use only colorfast, bleach-resistant thread (Madeira polyester) in an extensive array of colors.
  • Pantone colors – while no embroiderer can possibly match every Pantone color (there are over 1000 Pantone colors and not nearly that many thread colors), we understand the system and will work with you to ensure you are satisfied with the thread colors used for your logo. Guaranteed satisfaction with every aspect of our service.
  • If required, we will email you a digital picture of your embroidered logo sewn out onto fabric (not a graphic approximation of what your logo might look like, but your actual logo) for approval before we embroider your order.

Contract Embroidery

We at Embroidery Classics offer contract embroidery as well as supply a vast range of apparel that includes soft shell jackets, polo shirts, hoodies, tote bags, caps and toques.

We have something for everyone whether you are needing school wear, team wear, casual wear, sportswear, corporate wear or work wear.

Embroidery Classics provides computerized machine embroidery services to business, athletic, cultural and educational organizations. We will utilize customer toned digitized designs or will provide digitizing services to create logos, name, monograms or other creative embroidery.

We can handle large and small orders. If you are looking for an embroidery service for your company please do not hesitate to contact us.

Odd shapes & sizes

We have specialized hoops to do long sleeve embroidery for both ladies and men’s shirts and jackets. We also have hoops for hard to hoop items such as laptop bags, golf bags and horse blankets.

Hoop Sizes

We have a variety of standard sizes plus:
Circular: 9 cm, 12 cm, 15 cm, 18 cm
Rectangular: 240 x 240, 300 x 290, 330 x 438 and 460 x 434cm
We also have two sizes to fit ladies’ and men’s full sleeve embroidery or pant leg embroidery, depending on cut and style. Clamp hoops for heavy fabrics as in laptop bags, Carhartt jackets.

We specialize in embroidery on long sleeves and long pants

With our hoops we do not have to tear apart the seams of your shirts, shorts or pants to embroider down the sleeve or leg.

What is embroidery?

(em-broi’da-re): The art of adorning or embellishing; to decorate with ornamental needlework. Today, this means adding dollar value to garments by embellishing them with names, corporate logos and sports symbols, to name a few.

Volume discounts are available. Contact us today for pricing details.